The Les Cordes story starts in 2001. Our love for jewellery brought us – siblings Anthony and Anouche De Vroey – to the decision to put our own collection of characteristic and colourful neclaces on the market. With that, we wanted to do a favour to all women. The neclaces could be combined with various pendants, making them the finishing touch on every outfit. It was like striking gold: our neclaces turned out to be a success and we decided to expand our talent. By now, Les Cordes has become a reference in its category and we are renowned for our exclusive and budget-friendly fantastic jewellery. Each season, we offer you a new collection with more than eighty different creations. All of them are unique, original, high in quality, affordable and handmade. Apart from that, we have expanded our offer with different accessories such as watches . Each season, we carefully keep up with the latest trends in fashion. And as we have always done from the start, we respond to the wishes and the budget of every woman. NEW:  ‘THE LIMITED EDITION ‘is the new exclusive collection from Les Cordes You will find the Les Cordes collection in your retail store and in jewellery stores. Find a store in your neighbourhood here. PONTOS 49€

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